Which harp of mine is best for using with JP's lessons

I’ve bought a couple of harps over the years and have been given a couple, but I can’t seem to bend notes with any of them.

Which of these is best to use with JP’s online lessons:

Hohner Blues Band (made in China, plastic comb)
Hohner Pocket Pal (China, plastic comb)
Hohner Blues Harp MS (Made in Germany, wood comb)?

I have a couple of others which I know won’t work: A Lee Oskar Melody Maker in key of G, and a Hohner Echo.

Appreciate any help. Maybe with these lessons, I’ll finally learn how to bend notes and move to an intermediate level!

of the harps you listed i have only used the blues harp so i cant say its the best but i can say it is an easy harmonica to play and will work for with he lessons

I agree! Stick with the Blues Harp to start and stay away from the rest for now.


Blues Harp MS