Which to learn on?

Hello, I am new to the harmonica, have wanted to learn for many years. I just sent for JP’S lessons. Along with that I ordered the Hohner Special 20. My wife many years ago as a gift got me a Hohner BLUES HARP MS. Could someone tell me if that is the same as the Hohner BLUES HARP (H532).

Am looking forward to learning the harmonica and being on the site.

Jim aka popmommom

Hi Jim And welcome to the forum.

Don’t know for sure if they are the same harp or not but I’m sure someone here will be able to set you straight.
It’s great that you got the special 20 with JP’s lesson. I know he highly recommends that harp
Good luck going through his course and be ready for some challenges. And before long you’ll be Harping away ;D
Have fun and if you get stuck anywhere along the harp road post up your questions here.

Harp On!!

Yes, the Blues Harp MS is the H532.

Learn on the special 20. The Blues Harp is a nice instrument, but doesn’t play as easily primarily because of its wooden comb and protruding reed plates. An experience harmonica player can do great things with one of these, but for learning you’ll be way better of with the SP20.

Hey Jim,

I’m glad you joined the forum… it will help as you move along with the lessons.
I think you’ll be really happy with the Special 20…my fav!

Your harmonica buddy,


While the Spec20 is a Hohner make/model unto itself –

If/when you do invest in Hohner Blues harps, just know that Hohner puts the word/name “Blues” on several of their line, so make sure you’re getting the good stuff versus the cheap crappy ones. Those in the MS series is okay, but the others aren’t so much:


Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome Bro! Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!