Why negitive about Facebook?

I saw a couple negitive comments concerning Facebook and was wondering what the deal is. My family is starting to use it to stay in touch.

Some people don’t like Facebook because they hear about those people who are obbsessed with FB and spend more time “chatting” with people than actually talking to them. People think it’s kinda dumb to use a website to keep in touch with people that you see everyday. I use it with family, and people I don’t see that often, but I don’t use it with people I see all the time.

Not Negative Bro! Just not for me! You gotta understand, I am about as redneck as you get.

How do I communicate with people? Writing letters, calling people (not texting), and sometimes email. But thats it. I ain’t sayin’ my way is better, just sayin’ its the way I roll.

Honestly, I don’t care if people got facebook. That being said, I get REALLY REALLY REALLY ticked off at people who spend their LIFE on facebook. Not sayin’ you do, just sayin’ there are people that do.

So, take it or leave it!

I suppose I will get it eventually, when all my friends leave email and letters in the dust, but I’m sticking it out!

Peace Out!


I have never been on Facebook, not sure what it is about. Probably because I don’t have internet at home except for my phone. My wife has set up a Facebook account to keep in touch with relatives in other states and see pics of the new children in the clan. She likes it for these reasons. I would have to agree about wasting your life on there or using it for a BS gossip column or beating someone up.

I thought there mite be problems with identity theft or computer viruses.

Personally I’ll stick with the few harmonica forums I belong to.

Just recently, people have been using Facebook to start riots. They set up an event, calling it a “pot luck” or “banquet” but they’re really large riots to protest the government. Egypt (I think) is atempting to shut down the internet in their country because of the negetive impact it has had on the government.

To tell the truth I expected a larger responce to this thread!
I guess it is like anything else, booze, food, stress, power,video games… if you let it take over your life/time it will.

I use FaceBook mostly to stay in touch with the Music Scene and to reunite with Friends from the Past. It is a great vehicle to use. Keeping in mind that most “Local Musicians” have a FB Page to promote their local gigs. FB is one of my foundations to find people to “Jam” with wherever I am…

If you join FB, feel free to hook up with me @ www.facebook.com/scottgetz
Let me know that we met on Harmonica.com, so I know where the request came from…

FB can be a “Pandora’s Box” with regard to people you’ve known in the past, but their are “Privacy Options” you can use to limit access to your info.

Happy Surfing 8)

To tell the truth I expected a larger response to this thread!

Is that a good or bad thing? Hehehehe!

Me, I did all the ga-ga goo-goo social networking back in the early days of the internet. Spent many a lost track of the hours, days, weeks and months on old bulletin boards and in the free AOL/Yahoo/MSN chat rooms etal.

These then led to instant messaging; blogs; myspace; facebook; twitter; and whatever else bullcrap is going to happen in the future.

Now I don’t consider myself mindless; but a lot of these were/are/can be mind-numbing and fruitless from where I sat. Knowing how addictive and brainless most of this stuff can be, it took me quite awhile to make the decision to even get involved in forums again.

While I’m involved in this great forum and a few others - harmonica/non-harmonica alike - Still, there’s no way getting around the time required to keep up with them all.

So just for myself, although it serves their functions for the masses, still, I’m not interested in expanding more reasons to waste my own time online any further than I have to. Mwuahahaha!

Just one man’s perspective…Am just saying…