Why no Ethnic music channels on Direct TV?

For those of you who might not know Direct TV has a bunch of music channels in the 800’s. Some of em’ are pretty good like Full Metal Jacket, Classic Rock, Irish, ect. but aside from the Irish channel and a handful of Mexican Music channels there’s NO other Ethnic music channels. I’d love a Russian and a Yiddish channel but nothing. What gives?

Also, I can’t even find any Jewish/Yiddish or Russian style music on my iTunes Radio. Where can I go online to find music like this?

I’d say time to put your computer to work besides just reading these forums, TNF! Hehehehe!

I stopped listening to Comcast TV radio when they changed their old Big Band sounds station to some other thing with just more Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney-music. Ugh!

I used to listen to AOL radio a lot; but then switched over to here:


So now I listen to Bob & Tom – “Bob and Tom, Bob and Tom!” – in the morning from about 6 -10 am; then flip over to a little of Glenn Beck up til noon. Then over to Rush Limbaugh…

That’s just me…

But you can find virtually anything you like on the world wide web there, boss!

Happy Listening!!

Wow, you like Glenn and Rush too SPD? Glad to see I’m not the only Conservative(actually Libertarian) on the board. I wonder if I google “Yiddish Music Radio” if I can find something. Think I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

Thanks SPD,

Great site to get the best of local and overseas stations

Well, I consider myself an Independent on the Conservative humanitarian logically-thinking side.

Back during my trucking traveling days listening to AM radio –

Well, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham can sometimes be too far to the right.

Dr. Michael “Savage Nation” Savage and Mark “The Great One” Levin are just plain funny and palatable.

Yet on my night runs going through DC and Northern Virginia picking up on Air America, Alan Colmes, and other left-wingers, OMG! AM Coast-to-Coast with George Noory and/or Art Bell couldn’t come fast enough.

If you’re a fan of the Left Wing Hollywood-type Liberal Drive-by Media, even Joe Scarborough, more power to ya!

But I’ll take the Bob Beckels, Pat Caddells, and any Dem-leaning lib who is fair and balanced on Fox News Channel anytime!!

Yeah, Yiddish Music sounds interesting!

Good luck!


Cool Beans, Keith!

I stumbled on the site a few years back. It was called “RadioTime” until very recently.

Thing is, you don’t have to download any programs or get annoying emails that spam your account – You just have to find stations you want to listen to (as many as you want) and save them to your favorites (pre-sets)! And it’s all free!!

Happy Listening!!

I did find Yidlive Shmais radio Jewish music on itunes. It’s pretty cool but not exactly what I was looking for.

Hey, aren’t we all ethnic, whether Native American (Original People) or less fortunate groupings? When you mentioned ethnic music, I started to hear drumbeats, flutes, and dancing feet. Chuckles warmly.

I’m partial to polkas and German drinking songs myself…


As g/fs have invited me to barnyard hoedowns and Mexican jamborees, I’d have to include bluegrass and tejano music as well…

Of course it don’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Even if you live in the Northern climes and still like Southern flavors – You can enjoy both Country and Western music!

Rawhide Blues Brothers

Thing is – It’s all good!!


Funny you should mention Polkas and German Music. There’s a Mexican music, my wife calls it “Umpa Music” that sounds just like German Polka music. Wonder if it was because of the effect of all the Germans that migrated to Mexico.
I guess the term “Ethnic” depends on your ancestors, since I’m Irish and Eastern European (Croatian best I can tell, Yugoslavian/Czech, something like that) I tend to like “Russian” stuff and Yiddish/Mediterranean music. I really wonder if musically tastes have anything to do with genetics?

“I don’t think so man! Those lights are off on purpose!”

Ahh…great movie.

I don’t do much with TV…so I would not know!


Yeah I always wondered about the German/Mexican similarity. Years ago I did “Hungry Five” bands. The similarity to Mexican and Cajun music was surprising.