Will i ever get it?

I still cant reach the third half step bend on the three hole and the whole step bend on the three hole is still squeaky. I was hoping to get some encouragement and that would tell me to keep trying, that it will come with time. Does the third half step bend happen for everybody or can only some people get it?


Hi @Paulkane777

I’m very sorry to hear about your issues with the 3-hole draw bends. :worried: How long have you been playing the harmonica? Although many people seem to have the most trouble with the 2-hole draw and its bends, I personally found the 3rd-hole’s draw bends the most difficult. However, I must also say that depending on the key of the harp I cannot say that this is always my biggest problem. With some harps it is really easy, with others almost impossible.

This has resulted in my interest in gapping and shaping the reeds (in particular, the hole 3 reeds). And guess what? That seems to be the problem more often than people think. Learning how the harmonica works and how to adjust its reeds has made a great difference for me – and is a very profitable job for skilled harmonica customizers. But even novices can learn the methods and improve the playability of seemingly impossible “lemons” that had been gathering dust in their harp collection.

– Slim :sunglasses:


I agree, finally got my first 6 overblow on my Bb by tinkering with the reed.


I have been bending for 2 months and i can get all of the first six hole half step bends. The 2 whole step bends give me trouble and i have never gotten tge third hole third half step bend.

Can anyone recommend a video teaching the basics of bending.

Should i start monkeying with the reeds or have someone else do it?

Which will help me with those half step and m8nor third bends.

Should i keep trying the same things and hope it gets better?

I appreciate everyones help!

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Yeah I started playing in the middle of January and still struggling to get a clean single note…I was curious about bending though so I tried some and I got the same problem: hole 3 is a nightmare! but on the other hand, my first attempts to bend were a disaster but one day “I got it” and I could do it…so my advice (if it is possible from a total beginner who never played harmonica in life) is to keep going and I am sure you’ll get it…this video was really helpful: Harmonica bending notes - David Barrett.MP4 - YouTube


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