Women Players...

I got the recent E-mail from JP about female harmonica players, and I decided to look some of them up. I found some videos on Youtube that I thought you all might like.

[center]Sandra Vazquez.[/center]I love the energy and soul she puts into her harmonica. And I also love how she’s interacting with the drummer.


[center]Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton.[/center]She has got to be one of my favorite Blues players of all time. I love her voice, and her harp playing. My favorite part of this video is about 4 minutes into it when Big Mama and the other guy (I’m not sure which one he is. If anyone knows, please tell me) start playing off each other.

Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, Big Walter Horton & Dr Ross

Here’s another by “Big Mama,” just because you have to hear her voice too. So I chose this song because it’s (in my opinion) one of her best.

Big Mama Thornton - They call me big mama

[center]Geneva Red.[/center]Now she has got the Blues! Her voice just gives me the chills, and she makes her harp WAIL!!

Geneva Red & The Roadsters @ Key Palace Theatre

[center]Kat Baloun.[/center]I absolutely LOVE her voice. It’s so deep, it just digs into my soul and brings out all my emotions! And when she really gets going on that harp… Wow! She just lets loose and plays! Love it!

Kat Baloun und Pass Over Blues - Live 2009

(I think you’re rubbing off on me Joseph! Now you’ve got ME posting 5&6 videos per post. lol! ;D)

Cool beans, J~J!

Very nice layout!

So no vids from me on this one…

Just the link for a website devoted to the Women of Harmonica Universe:


“Have Harp, Will Smile!”

Got that email too!

Good videos!

Peace Out!

Nuf Said!


Here’s a few videos of one of my favourite harp players: Mariana Borssato. She is cute, has a nice groove and she looks to be of the modest kind. Three qualities I like in a girl!

Here’s another video of Sandra Vazquez:

She is also an amazing player! Her countenance makes no attempt at hiding just how much she loves to play!¨



Check out this page! I think Mulheres Gaautistas is some kind of happening for female harmonica players. Probably somewhere in South America. If anyone has any more information on this event, or the players, I would love to hear it!

[center]Got to add Rachelle on this thread. She’s my new favorite harp player ( female )

Rachelle Plas harmonica blues cognac blues passions 2010

This next video of her seems to me like she’s kind of on the modest side also, I’ve been trying to
break down what she’s doing from the 2:42 seconds till the end. I believe she is using an A harp.
And she plays my favorite harp the Golden Melody

Rachelle Plas - Masters of the Harmonica

[center]Harp on!![/center]

That girl could really play!

I liked that part from 2:42 and out! How is the breaking down going? I don’t have internet at home, but I’ll bring my harp to work next week and have a go at it after we close. There was a lot of inspiring stuff going on in between the rhythm there!

That would be great Whiskat, break it down and post it up.
Like I said I think its an A harp. I’ve been able to match the chugging
rhythm and like the first 3 or 4 holes. That’s it. It’s fast.

Harp On!!

A lot of bent notes I deciphered the first 5 seconds see if this makes sense:

after the first chugging 4D’ 3D" 3B 3D then chug the rhythm again and then 4D’ 4D 4D’ 4D 4B

Then I got lost and then at about 13 1/2 seconds that run of notes 5B 5D 6D" 5D 5B 4D 4D" 3D" 4D 3D 3D"’

I don’t know I would love to get that whole thing tabbed and practice it a lot.

Take a little break from the fiddle tunes over at harmonica academy.

Harp On!!

Whiskat I think now it might be a G harp she’s using in that solo at 2:42.

But check it out cause I definitely could be wrong.

Harp On!!

Cool Vids and I like how that is sounding Joe.

I get isnspired by this Lady out of an Aussie band called the Waifs…I have their album and the Harmonica playing from her sounds great! Here is a live vid of her:

The Waifs Lighthouse Cambridge Folk Festival 2008