Worms in my harmonica??


Just today I was going to get my harmonica from it’s box and, guess what, I noticed there were like 2-3 very small worm-like creatures in the box! What the hell? My house is generally clean, and it’s a rare occurence when such worms appear. But three in the same place, in my harmonica’s box? So gross!

The harmonica is relatively new (got it 1-2 months ago), but I never cleaned it before. Is it possible that the worms were somehow born out of the saliva, or did they just get attracted to it? What should I do? I’m seriously afraid to start playing it and that some worm gets in my mouth from one of the holes :S

Edit: bug was like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silverfish

Is the box you are keeping it in cardboard? If so, get it out of that box and throw the box away (or burn it if you can) That seems to be a natural occurrence with paper products. As for cleaning it so you can play after having the “gross worms” on it, I’d look here (not sure what post but it’s under Maintenance, customizing or something similar to that - sorry - I’m new to the site too).

But that sounds like what’s happening - the eggs were already in the cardboard - I get them all the time in books that I don’t read very often. Many times I’ll pick up a book I want to read after a couple of years and there will be 1 or more “tunnels” where the little buggers like to eat the paper - make perfectly round tunnels - kind of interesting actually but not something I’d want to put my mouth on after they were there so I don’t blame you for not wanting to play it yet.

Good luck - I’ll be looking at this thread myself.

First, thanks for the reply

The box is the same as this model, and it came with the harmonica http://www.theharmonicacompany.com/_harmonicastore/products/800px/giant-big-river.jpg

There was indeed a bit of paper inside, a small manual that I never bothered to throw away. The box also has two holes from which they could have entered.

I’ll take your suggestion and try to look for a way to clean it around this forum, or wait for someone to come up with something that makes sure that I won’t ever feel one of those bugs getting in my mouth when playing it. I thought about opening the harmonica and cleaning it, although since I’m an amateur I’m a bit afraid I can damage the reeds, or not detect any possible bug eggs that may be around.

The eggs won’t be in your harmonica because they live off paper - however the thought of “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle in my mouth” is enough to make anyone shudder and with the comment of the “tunnels/holes” I’m guessing you hit the nail on the head - it’s silverfilsh.

Everything I’ve looked at shows you need to take the harmonica apart but you just need a little isopropyl alcohol and a soft bristle toothbrush - gonna give it a go myself.

Check youtube (I’d post the link but not sure on the allowability of posting links) and search for How to Clean a Harmonica (Mongoose free method!) and it’s by Jason Ricci.

Gonna give it a go on both my special 20 and my Meisterklasse 580 and see what happens.

Good luck!!
Harpin’ Doje