wow able to jam in 1 week ..

hi all
i hope your harping is working for you all…

its been one week of harping
been two weeks but last week was a big doctors week and everything turned out fine but no real practicing .
now i am back …

so john came over with his accoustic guitar and played blues …

well that was some jam … it was great …bending those notes and all…
it turn out i was playing the lead at times but never realized it ,
wow it was great ,

for one week of harping , remember ,its not that great , but so much fun …

great for me and amazing for john.

just afew more notes he taught me 3 blow 4 blow 3 bend 3 blow …i used a chart to find the notes ,

and then some higher notes harmonics just worked

every one likes the special 20 and just wounder about the manji.
they like the special 20 sound , the audeince was my wife and 2 daughters .

now john sayes tyhat i need a few other harp keys.
so special 20 is for me


Hi Tom,

Thats excellent progress your making. I don’t get on the
forum as much as I used to. (miss it).

That 3 blow 4 blow 3 bend 3 blow riff you gave us. That sounds
good even like this 3B 4B 3D 3B.

That’s Mannish Boy isn’t it.

Happy Harpin

hi thanks

your right on the mark.

mannish boy…

and with a guitar going … and he let me lead …and he did the singing . pointers like stop stealing the spotlight , like while hes singing LOL
so much fun ,
i believe
people should jam more …

but now back to playing silent night and those tunes …lol…
SO THen next time , it wil be a BLAST ;D



now that manjis in the back burner …yukky
like ,what is that sound out of this harp …

so I cleaned the reeds with rubbing alcohol…carfully .
it never did sound good …

well what a difference …
its responsive and sweet sounding now .
and the notes match my organ , now …

so nice to have a harp that sounds right …