You Tube, Josh King Incredible harmonica!

Yup your right Mikepipe he really is amazing

Amazing Grace-For GG-November 2008-Josh King-harmonica

Harp On!!


he’s a bit better than I am!

I noticed sveral YT comments that call it fake,ie dubbed. What do people here think?

Cute kid; very well played…BUT-- Clueless friggin parents!!

Playing Amazing Grace, a funeral dirge, certainly wouldn’t help somebody get better, would it??


Let’s hope GG did/does recover in spite of it all! :-*

Well considering the above was done quite some time ago, hopefully his Great Grandmother is still alive and well.

Here’s another JK clip showing his incredible talents:

Joshua King - For my Dad- blues on chromatic harmonica

Ha! Yes I did not think about Amazing Grace being played before one’s passing. Though its become a dirge I think it original conception was as a hymn of repentance to be sung anytime. You can see my band playing Amazing Grace at the memorial for the recent shooting here in Tucson on You Tube. Search bagpipes at UMC. Not a particularly good recording though.

That kid has some serious musical talent! Too bad that kids who shows great talent at something while their young tend to walk away from it as they grow into adults, because they have been put far too much pressure on as children by parents, talent scouters and media. Let’s hope this never happens to Joshua King and that his parents don’t try to make him into too much of a celebrity before he is old enough to deal with the pressure.

No Doubt in my mind it’s him playing.

Harp On!!

I have noticed that on YT there is a huge tendency for people to post nasty comments about others’ videos. Especially when the performer is young and talented. Bit of jealousy I suspect. I’m often really shocked at how very nasty these comments can be.

I think people become stupid when they’re jealous, it’s obviously him!

well, sometimes methinks it’s nothing more than an extension of yahoo stoopid friggin answers…

meaning, peeps will vote for all the idiots/morons and just slam those who show some semblance of knowledge and common sense…

even if i go with the american idol philosophy, that the overall public will eventually get it right…

still, who wants to dribble and drabble through billions/quadrillions of yt vids and ai hopefulls just to prove MY point?! mwuahahahaha!!!

It’s just WOW! Amazing how talented this little boy is!

I’ve watched the Amazing Grace video now for the 4th time and I’m totally moved by the second half of the tune (with all bends).

Apparently, a lot of people thought he was a fake on YouTube
because it was blowing their minds that an 8-year-old
could play at that level.

I’m very confident that he’s the real deal. Thanks everyone for all the inspiration!!


Nice. Should be an inspiration to us all. What one man can do, another can too. Look around you. We’ve all seen someone who’s bona fides are, well, “questionable” right? I mean, you look at him or her and wonder how they managed. Take heart. If an eight-year-old can bend. . . so can you. Put another way, if a kid can do it, why can’t we? Just harp. 8)

Unbelievable!! just had another listen and wow your right crazy cool bends played with some quick chords right after not easy to do.

hand vibrato needs work…just kidding his hands got to grow and he’ll be awesome.

Harp On

I enjoyed both videos, especially his working out on that big chromatic.
Amazing Grace, if you pay attention to the lyrics, is definitely not a dirge, though most people end up performing it like one. It’s a song of celebration. I don’t know why so many “churchy” people want to make everything sound sad. I prefer to laugh rather than cry and smile rather than frown. Death will come eventually. Why pet its head and stroke its back like a pet puppy in the meantime?
Just my opinion.
I’m sarting my lessons under that kid tomorrow. HEHE


Amazing Grace is far from a funeral dirge. We sing it any time we marvel at God’s grace or need a reminder of it. He said he played it for a sick friend which is very appropriate if you believe that it would be by God’s grace she is healed. The back story to that song is pretty amazing in itself.
just sayin’


Just agreein’! ;D

Hey all,

I saw both videos and also agree that it’s him really playing. It will be good to follow him for the next step in his talented life.

I wonder if I have the ability to be that good starting at 58… But I love learning and playing so I should get close.