I came across a You Tube video of a guy playing the harp while being X rayed so you can see waht the tongue and throat muscles are doing. Check it out.


Nice find Mikepipe,

Unseen X-Ray Harmonica

harmonica x-ray video

harp on!!

Yo, Joe!

You found the TurboHarp vids… :o



I ordered 4 of the Turbo/BXs…C, A, Bb, and Low F! All in different colors too! :smiley:

Just waiting for them to arrive… ::slight_smile:

Will do a review when they’re in! :wink:

Keep on harpin’!

It is cool you posted this on the site…easy access. I question if so much time under Xray was a healthy choice.


I question if so much time under Xray was a healthy choice.

Mike, Ya Think ???

I think Not. It is kind of cool to see where his tongue goes when he bends notes.
Just like they teach back of the tongue up to the roof of the mouth.

Harp on

Interestingly enough, Dr Bahson seen in the X-ray machine passed on a few years ago:


He was also the inventor of the Bahson Overblow Harp, seen here:


Only a handful of BO’s survive, as they were expensive to make. :stuck_out_tongue:

And his partner in the X-ray vid, James F. Antaki (from AntakaMatics, Inc. also known as Turbo Harp) has not been able to perfect the technology of the BO for commerical use. ???

Moral of the story: If you’re going to stick your partner in an X-ray machine for long periods of time, make sure you have all his information/designs first!! :o

Wow that’s really interesting, thanks for posting!