Yamaha harmonica review

In my country, you can’t find Lee Oskar or Hohner or Suzuki harmonicas, i bought mine from the states on amazon. Everyone sells Yamaha here.

I’m looking to buy a Lee Oskar key of D, but I have two choice: buying it online - or buying a yamaha instead.

How good are Yamaha harmonicas? Do you know anything about them? I searched for days, on google and youtube and i can’t find any review. Yamaha is known for making keyboards, but what about harmonicas? how good are they when compared to Hohner or Lee Oscar or Suzuki?

I don’t know anything about Yamaha harmonicas,
but Yamaha has made some respectable guitars, wind
instruments, keyboards (as you mentioned), and other
instruments. I imagine their line of harmonicas could either
be branded instruments made by another company (even a
respected one) or instruments made under Yamaha’s specifications
by Yamaha or another subcontracted company.
I went through all this to say that Yamaha seems to keep quality
under control to a respectable extent considering the quality
of the model instrument (toy, student level, advanced).
I don’t know the intent of their line of harmonicas, and if some
serious players aren’t discussing them, they may be a shot in the dark
for you. You just pay the money and take your chance.
Keep searching for some experienced players’ reviews.
How are the other harmonicas working out for you?

BTW, not sure if Yamaha harmonicas are even in production right now,
but if these are the old harmonicas from the 1970’s, don’t buy them.
They were pretty awful, I understand…not up to Yamaha’s expected
quality standards. Not everyone understands how to make a decent,
moderately priced harmonica.


The Yamaha harmonica JB mentioned on that other site
is a CHORD harmonica. That’s waaaay beyond the average
diatonic harmonica in quality and value. It’s a completely
different animal

If that was you on that other site (I don’t post there anymore)
asking about cleaning your Marine Band, bring the question here too,
and we will help you take the covers off and repair the problem.

I already posted the topic here, i like to post on both forums and also on music.stackexchange.com, the topic is here , thank you for your help.

Back to this thread, my other harmonicas are chinese ones (that what i can find here) and one marine band key of C, I want new key of D because i don’t really like playing the key of C, I like low notes, and I believe that key of D would be better for me, and because I can’t clean my harmonica, soon it will be useless, especially if something happens to the reeds.

Yes I think you are right, I think we are talking about low quality harmonicas because very very few people play harmonicas here and so shops buy the cheapest ones for kids at schools, i won’t take the risk

For fixing/modifying your Marine Band (which is very easy),
go to Modern Blues Harmonica web site: http://www.modernbluesharmonica.com/board/board_topic/5560960/799749.htm?page=1
Paste this URL if it isn’t clickable and look for the video instructions for converting Marine
Bands from nails to screws. You may not want to do this, but you can get an idea of how to finish taking apart the covers. Don’t try to take off the reed plates on your good harmonica.
It’s not necessary to remove the covers unless there is a definite problem. The nail that popped out should push right back in. If it’s too loose, you can use a sliver of toothpick or broomstraw slipped in the hole to make the nail tight when you push it back in. You usually won’t need to clean around the reed plates much. Sometimes moisture or some particle will
cause trouble lodging on a reed (usually blow reeds). Tap the harmonica into your hand or against your leg (mouthpiece against the hand or leg) repeatedly to free the troubled reed.
It should get back to working order then.
Let me know if this helps.
Don’t try to repair or modify a good harmonica internally that you expect to continue playing.
Use a cheap harmonica you can do without until you get used to the work.


thanks a lot, im gonna try that in 2 days, you’re right i should practice on cheap harmonicas, i should practice to tune my harmonica for overblows too, those videos are amazing, thanks a lot!