Yes, that's me

My wife went to sonic to get a coke, and the carhop asked her if her husband was the one who played the harmonica and of course she said I was. I am now officially the one who plays the harmonica. ;D I’m pretty happy with the title.

Also at the McDonald’s drive through today (yes I am aware I should eat less fast food) I was playing and another car started looking at me and laughing. Now I don’t know if they were laughing because it was unusual to see a harmonica player in the drive through line, or if they were thinking “hey look at that dork playing the harmonica”, but either way I started playing louder, faster, and adding unnecessarily wild hand movement to the mix. I guess I brought them some joy either way :slight_smile:

Great story.

So, where is the video? Just askin’ ;D

that is a good story. i have one ;D

i bought a Hohner 1896 Marine Band G harp today. i gave 15$ for it at a thrift store. i didn’t even wait to until i left the store to try it out lol. i did a little tucka toodle train chug and it blew them away. i was amazed and encouraged by the reaction that such a simple but cool sounding rhythm got from the people in the store.

once i got back to the car i had to really show off. riding high from the train rhythm reaction, and a little inspiration from bogdon i got my C harp and my new G harp and started doing some 2 harp 12 bar blues. sounded good to me and all the girlies walking by seemed to think it was a catchy tune lol. anyway thanks for the tale and happy harping

I was at the following my wife home (me in my truck, my wife in her car) and had to stop by the bank to cash a check. my wife pullled up to the drive-in window line and I just pulled off to the side out of the way of traffic. While waiting I pulled out my harp and started playing. As my wife pulled up to the window she caught the conversation inside the bank!
3 tellers and 2 police officers inside the bank were gathered at the window next to my wife trying to figure out what that suspicious guy in the truck was doing. She clued in when she heard the cop say “I think he’s playin one of those harmonica things.” and told them I was her husband and just waiting for her. They had taken down my tag number and ran it and was ready to come out and question me.

At least it would have been an easy question to answer.