You can't take it with you?

I just ordered these lessons and feel like I have been taken. No where in the advertisement does it state that you have to be tied to the internet in order to view these lessons. I had planned on downloading lessons to my computer, to put them on a cheap android tablet I got off ebay, so I could take them to work and learn on my down time. Anyone else have this problem?


Howdy Jose!

Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties.

If you drop a line to explaining your situation, you can be most assured he will help you forthwith.


I sent an email to JP yesterday, still have not heard back, just thought someone here might have a solution.

If your using Mozilla Firefox Browser you can use/download their Download Helper App to download it to your computer then transfer it where you need it.

Thanks a lot!! I did not know streaming media could be caught. I am using firefox anyway, just never checked out any of the extras for it. Now, I just have to get the lessons to run on the tablet, but I think I can handle that.


Yeah, It’s cool. I have recorded lots of YouTube Videos to watch some lessons over and over. Comes in handy!

I use RealPlayer. It will put up a ‘download’ prompt at the top, right side of the video and store them in a library. I download whatever I want to view over and over again. Didn’t know about the FireFox app but RealPlayer has worked well for me.