You may have all seen this but

I just found the harmonica chin up exercise by JP on youtube. I played the first half of my country tis of thee without moving my head or my harp. That is a cool technique to know, especially if you just need to move over for a quick note, and go right back to the one you came from. Here is the link:


Thanks again JP, you’ve helped me more on my harmonica journey than anyone or anything else has and I don’t even have your paid lessons yet.

Hi Greg, Ya they are some great chin-up exercises. He has a few different ones, when you get his CD DVD bundle.
I actually wrote them out on index cards and practice them now and then. I think there’s like 4 or 5 different ones.

Harp on ;D

Share them with us ;D

Share them with us

Here you go Harold: Some of the great lessons that are in JP’s CD DVD Bundle ;D


Some push-ups 4D 4D’ 4D 5D

More Push-ups 4D 4D’ 3D

More Push-ups 3D 3D’ 2D

Even more Push-ups 2D 2D’ 1D

Do them over and over and over again, and I like using the Bendometer software from this web site
to make sure your hitting the bends correctly ;D

So much more in that CD DVD bundle, I went through his whole course and it got me on my way,
all though it is a lifetime journey ;D

Write them down on index cards and I actually laminated them and keep them handy to practice when ever you want :wink:

Harp on!!

Inre: JP’s Chin Ups vid

Harp teacher from Atlanta, Georgia gives a similar type of lesson. Only difference is, he breaks the whole 6 note lick down into two halves.

His first lick is: 4D 4d’ 5D repeatedly.

Since you have to release the 4 draw bend quickly and fully to get a clear 5 draw, he cautions against holding your mouth in ‘anticipation’ of what you’re doing.

It’s a little tricky at first, but you eventually get the hang of it.

His second lick is: 4d’ 4D 3D repeatedly.

It’s a good exercise because you have to come off a clear 3 draw and go right into the 4 draw bend, back up to the 4 draw clear, over to the 3 draw; and over and over again.

Oh and he ‘slides/tilts’ the harp slightly back and forth; not like “Super Jaws” JP up top there! mwuahahaha!!

I bought this guy’s dvd and little licks’ paper - Not much to either of them. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting them neither; unless perhaps you happen to be in the Atlanta and/or surrounding areas and want to take lessons from him. But still, the exercises are good to work on nonetheless.

Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

SPD Out!

Thanks Joe and SPD for the awesome chin up exercises and tips! I’ve been working with the one in JP’s video but I can’t bend straight into hole 4, but holes 2 and 3 are ok. Still needs more work, though :smiley: I’m gunna add these tabs to my notebook! >:)

Your welcome Harold,

Just wondering do you use computer softward to see if your hitting the bends right, or are you just doing it by ear.

That software link I put down to me is very valuable tool to make sure your hitting the bends right.

Harp on!!

I use both methods- a program called AP Tuner and I try matching notes with a couple bending videos on youtube. I just downloaded that program you mentioned and I’m going test it now right now. I’ll let everyone know what I think of it when I’m done.