Youtube brought tears to my eyes

I was watching this today when it happened:
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Key to the Highway

It wasn’t the video that did it though, it was the comment under it:

[i]Woody Guthrie played with Sonny and Brownie at a war bond rally,they offered Woody a seat at the main table and Sonny a plate in the kitchen.

Woody flipped over the banquet table saying " If we’re going to fight facsism lets start right here!"

Woody’s last war bond rally[/i]

That was a man that new what he stood for. Just think about how many people would have taken the nice spot at the table and said nothing.

I’ve read a lot of books and bios from early Vaudeville days on through to Sammy Davis Jr, Eubie Blake, and others –

Seems the only places Jim Crow laws didn’t apply for Blacks were in show business, yet only while they were performing. Once off stage they were reduced back to being treated like any other Black anywhere/everywhere in the Deep South.

Such white entertainers as Al Jolson, Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny, Woody Guthrie and more stood up for equal rights for everyone - White, Black, Oriental, etc. - who dared to push their limited mindsets and racial injustices onto other human beings.

Of course as those who know US history, such things transferred over to the military and into sports as well. However, say what you will about a certain liberalism in show business, sports, et al – Still it was good clear-headed thinking people who helped abolish slavery during the Civil war; and it was their descendants who helped abolish unequal and unfair treatments of slave descendants virtually 100 hundred years later!

Quite remarkable achievements for a relatively young country on the world stage, but more so a powerful testament to its people, both sung and unsung heroes/heroines, who did their parts and left their marks to use their gifts and talents to make the human condition itself better overall for everyone everywhere!

Just my few thoughts on it anyways…

Peace & SPD Out!!

Check out how Otis Redding was treated.
Yeah Guthrie was one of the last with principles.
I love Arlo too.