Prithee milords and good ladies. Verily I pray thee,read 1601 by his Lordship Mark Twain. It is a most merry jest. read and share thy opinion. The text,in its fullness is to be had for nay a farthing online,Google Mark Twain 1601.

Be thee well met,

Okay - Who forgot to close the Time Machine door again?! :stuck_out_tongue:

“In ye heat of ye talk it befel yt one did breake wind, yielding an exceding mightie and distresfull stink…” ??? ???

gadzooks, sire, tis a comic work of Twains ;D ;D

What’d he call me?!?!? ;D

Is this the start of the RPG? :)))

I don’t think so… Wait, let me rephrase that.

I hope not!

I thought PaulBunyn’s post was so hilariously classically funny - No reason to stop that ride by saying anything else. :smiley:

But now that you’re all caught up though, Jonathon~Janze:

Tag! You’re Still It! :o

I GAVE you an idea! About people stranded on an island. You don’t like it?

[u][i]From “Can we do RPGs in here?” Thread:


I’m guessing that means I need to think… Ok, I know it’s very generic and over used, but what if we did something about a group of people stranded on an uncharted Island? Bad idea?

Me’s thinking you’ve answered your own question - And a great answer it was!

Oh, BTW Jonathan~Janzen: “Tag, You’re Still It!”

OK! I just came to with a very large knot on my head. I find myself stranded on an island in a small village full of harmonica players.
I don’t know how I got here or what to do. I don’t recognize anyone.I’ll have to play it by ear.
I ask where I am and they say this is JANZEN ISLAND, they bring me fruit and wine and dress my wound. I ask who is in charge and they tell me I will speak with him/her soon.
My head hurts, must get some rest.

OH! That’s good! (And thanks for naming the Island after me.) What do you think SPD? (Street Player Dude)

Whatch youse guys looking at me for?! :o

I read it a few hours ago and thought Paul’s intro was definitely cool. Took me about 5 minutes to twist it 1,000 different ways or more… ::slight_smile:

But J~J, it’s your thread, your idea – :smiley:

So go clip & paste and setup the intro over/under at the RPG topic and have at it! :wink:

Have fun too! :slight_smile:

Laters, youse guys (and gals)! ;D

Hey PB, can I copy and paste your intro into another thread? I don’t want to take credit for anything that’s not mine (Unless the author specifically says I can. ;D ;D)

Go for it!
I was jus goofin off gitten the ball rollin. Don’t even know what I was doing.

…And when I awaken from my much needed slumber the islanders finally take me to see thier leader. I enter what looks like a cross between a teepee and a 57 Chevy only to discover the leader is a huge harmonica! And he is wearing a Cafe’ Express T-shirt that says “BLOW ME”…


I believe your kicking a dead horse!
It can’t bite you anymore!