008k / Special 20 / Lee Oskar

My untrained lips don’t notice any difference between the DF and the SP20. On days when my bends are working (and I have had a few) they both work. On the (many) days that the they are difficult, neither harp wants to be friendly. I had a day recently when I could hit all 8 bends with relative ease. The next day, most were slipperier than a fresh caught trout. However, I am making progress, if not day-to-day, at least week-to-week. I still am mulling over the idea of getting a Seydel Session Steel, possibly in a Low F or maybe an A. I still love the lower tones. My Oskar lowC resists my efforts to bend, especially the lower tones.


Hey Luke, I have two bullet mics and lately, mostly use a 58 vocal. I seldom use an amp anymore – plug the 58 straight into the pa. Trying to find the right amp I can afford is challenging. I’ve been through 5 of them. Right now I have two Fenders, that little 5W job and the venerable Blues JR, and an old Crate (can’t remember the model) that I paid 80 bucks for and is worth about 40, but sounds pretty OK. I’m honestly not in love with any of them and always on the lookout.