1st effects pedal

Im on a budget and cant afford 3 or 4 pedals at once, but i can reasonably buy 1 at a time…my question is…where do i start? Lol! Dont know much about pedals…i have an Orange amp and a mad dog mic…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


Well I’m not an expert but was in the same situation as you and wanted to try an effects pedal. So I got a Cool Music Reverberry effects pedal, from amazon for 40 dollars and have used it for the last 5 months and really like it. Hope this helps. It has a lot of effects in one pedal.


@johnreffitt1962 does the amp have reverb? If not you probably wanna start there.

Then I’d say probably delay.

Then maybe an octave pedal, which I reviewed several here:

Or an auto-wah. (I need to do a review of some.)

Danelectro makes super-cheap pedals that harmonica players seem to be fond of. Boss pedals are great, a bit more rugged, a bit more expensive. I could talk about effects pedals all day, lol…

Or you could go the multi-effects pedal route…