2 hole draw

I’m playing on a Hohner Marine Band right now and I’m running into an issue with the 2 hole. I’m on Module 3 lesson 2 (Low Rider) and when I was trying to draw on the 2 hole so hear the same tune as blowing on the 3 hole, it sounds strange, as if there’s something partially blocking the wind from being sucked in. I am not having this issue with the 1 or 3 hole. I tried doing the same with the 8,9, & 10 holes just to see if it had anything to do with being close to the end and I’m not having the issue. I thought maybe it was saliva buildup at first, but wouldn’t that effect all of the holes? I’m not sure how to troubleshoot from here, any tips?

Edit: “Muffled” would be a good way to describe how the 2 hole sounds.


The 2 draw can be tricky for me, particularly on my A harp. I was convinced I had a faulty harp until I realized that I had to make a slight adjustment in my embouchure and position to get a clean 2 draw. As you say, it is the same as 3 blow but being a draw, it does a a little different “flavor” to it which seems to work well with the blues scale.

Keep trying different things and see if you can get it to sound similar to 3 blow by making slight changes in airflow and mouth position.

As @Luke mentioned to me at the time, our inability to get certain notes is often more a matter of technique than of a faulty harp.

Keep trying… :wink:


@grussem The -2 is a recurring issue for those early on their harmonica path. 95% of the time it is technique, so I suggest trying to play the -2 as softly as you possibly can. That should minimise any unintentional bending and help reveal if it’s a hardware issue or technique.

Hope that helps


Good to know, thank you!


That’s what I thought at first too, that there was something faulty but I guess I’m still way too new at this and it’s operator error lol. Thank you, I’ll keep practicing away!


Hi @grussem.
If you have access to another harmonica, you’d soon be able to tell.
I too had a problem with draw 2, but only on the one harmonica. I had a lot of other harmonicas where I didn’t have trouble with it, apart from what you’d expect as a beginner, so I was pretty sure it was the harmonica, and not me before I requested a replacement. The replacement came, and yes, no trouble with draw 2 on that one.
You’d need another in the same key to be absolutely sure, luckily, I did, plus several others.
I’d say ‘muffled’ is pretty normal, I’d expect that.
In my case, it was very weird sounding, with a high pitched feedback type squeal included, nothing like the weak, ‘muffled’ tone I might get on other harmonicas when my technique is off.


How old is the Marine Band? Ya, I agree with everyone else here it’s most likely a technique issue.

These are the tips for a getting good -2:

1.) Let gravity lower your jaw so that it’s totally relaxed and in a nice “aw” vowel shape, your teeth should be far apart from each other

2.) Keep the back of your tongue down, like it is when you yawn. Make sure it’s not in the “Kk” zone (how your tongue is when you say a “Kk” consonant.)

3.) Nice steady, GENTLE, airflow. Most beginners (and many intermediate and advanced players) use WAY to much pressure.

Hope that helps! :sunglasses: