2023 - Harp Goals

I did this last year and it helped me focus. I am now moving into my 3rd year of blues harp. I must say the first year was much easier than the second year. I started 2022 lost in the wilderness knowing techniques and not knowing what to do next.

I was largely successful in last year’s goals, but deviated a bit. One thing that I highly recommend is to sit and do a self-assessment on techniques…for me the self-assessment was invaluable.


  • Listen to learn, learn to feel, feel then play (my North goal)

  • Bending - land the bends don’t scoop the bends

  • Continue the tongue block training but do it with a hybrid approach in mind

  • Focus on rhythm / time

  • Get comfortable with improvisation

  • Get so dang good with blues scale that the neighbors start humming it!
    +6 -5 -4 -4/ +4 -3 -3// -2
    -2// +2 -1/ +1

  • Improve weekly training planning. Stop chasing squirrels

Happy new year y’all!



Good plan
Have bookmarked
Doing course and after course will look at these goals
Appreciate your input @eric