3 step bends

Hi guys i am having trouble with that darn 3 hole 2 and 3 step bend. I can get a bend down the first step on all notes and with the 2 2 step bend but with effort. So my question is once you can get a bend are there any tips to taking it further steps down. Hope that makes sense and any helpful tips most welcome, happy holidays


Hello @jonathanwhitehouse,
every beginner on the harps has the problems you mentioned. The only thing that helps is practice, practice, practice and play with the position of your tongue in the mouth and look for the right positions.
It can take a lot of time to get it stable. If, as I think, you have completed the most difficult building block, you have taken a big and happy step forward.
Sometimes the day’s form isn’t right. Then continue tomorrow.

Stay relaxed during the exercises! Impatience is a bad advisor.

Make sure your harps are lukewarm.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


thanks Astrid and yes i do suffer from impatience or frustration🤣


If you’re getting -2", the -3’‘’ should be a similar mouth position?

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cool i will have to spend some time on the bend it better app as im struggling to hear that 3’‘’ from the 3’’ . Theres ti.es when i could throw the harp at the wall :rofl:. Its like golf only yourself to blame.