5 Stupidly Simple Harmonica Riffs (Guaranteed to Impress)

Mick Jagger and Paul Jones playing simple harmonica riffs

Just because you’re a beginner

doesn’t mean you can’t

sound badass!


Learning children’s songs is great for developing your ear and technique on the harmonica, but let’s face it, it’s not gonna impress your friends and family (except maybe your kids!:wink:)

Is there someone you care about who is skeptical that you’ll EVER play ANYTHING worth listening to on the harmonica?

I’ve got a resource to help you give that special someone a big fat piece of humble pie! :pie:

I’ll never tire of saying it:

You don’t have to be complicated

in order to be IMPACTFUL!


Here’s the proof: check out 5 Stupidly Simple Riffs (Guaranteed to Impress).