6 Easy Blues Harmonica Riffs (No Bending)

Play some blues

Can you even play blues without bending? Yes you can! Where the heck can you find blues to play that doesn’t require bending?

Glad you asked. :sunglasses: I’ve got you covered! Check out my new lesson 6 Easy Blues Harmonica Riffs (Anyone Can Play.)

Put that together with my Blues for Beginners lesson, and you’ll be well on your way to shredding some serious blues, even without bending. Of course, if you can bend already, that just increases your BHP (Blues Horse Power.) :motorcycle:

So I shouldn’t bother learning bending then? Well, yes and no…

Want to go nowhere fast? Just put the cart before the horse. For harmonica players, that equates to trying to work on bending before mastering breathing, single notes, and good tone.

Don’t believe me?

Ask Joe Filisko, who I consider to be the foremost living expert on harmonica. If you go to his webstore, he has a lot of great free info - definitely worth checking out. In his document titled “Filisko’s Bending Insights” he says:

Be patient when learning to bend. Many aspects of bending are quite advanced. If you are not playing good blues on the readily available unbent notes, you may not be ready to incorporate bending. Always serve the music!

Rock on harmonica fam! :earth_americas::heart::notes:


@Luke Seen this on yt and having fun practicing these riffs. First thing I thought of was adding them to my Blues for Beginners practice so thanks for the greenlight on that as I’ve scaled back on trying to learn everything at once.
Funny how the “noob luke” is an old guy like this old noob :rofl:
Thanks for the content Luke!