8 Draw Problem

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Luke & Slim thanks for for responses. I’m using a Hohner Special 20 approximately 8 months old. I did run water through it last week so I don’t believe anything is clogging the reeds. I’m thinking it’s a technique issue since -9 and -10 does not get any easier. So my question is, what is the proper technique for these. I don’t seem to have a problem with -1 through -7. Thanks for the help.

OK, yes… We know the problem now here’s the solution:

1.) Check your teeth. Are they close together? Drop your jaw

2.) Check the back of the tongue. Is it raised like it does when you say “Kk”? Lower it like it is when you yawn.

3.) Are you blowing too hard? Less is more.

One of these or some combination of these is the likely culprit. Keep me posted how it goes!


I think I can apply this to my 2 hole draw . Which I can get no problem if I stay on it. But it’s when I first come to it.

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Yes, exactly the same thing for -2 and -3 issues. You got it!