Ab/A flat Songs and Genre

Hey everybody I just acquired one of these unexpectedly and was curious on what type/style of music they are best suited for


Hi @smyliestyle

Basically an Ab diatonic harmonica can be used for all of the same types of music as a diatonic harp in any other key. :point_left:

It canbe used for:

  • folk (and sometimes blues) songs that are in Ab (you then play the harp in 1st position where the root note – Ab – is found in holes +1, +4, +7 and +10)
  • blues (or other) songs that are in the key of Eb (you then play the harp in 2nd position, root notes – Eb – are at -2, +3, +6 and +9)
  • songs (blues and other) that are in the key of Bb (you are then playing it in 3rd position, root notes – Bb – found at -1, -4 and -8)
  • songs of all sorts that are in the key of F (you play the harp in 4th position, root notes – F – found at -3", -6 and -10)
  • songs in the key of C (play the harp in 5th position, root notes – C – at holes +2, +5 and +8)

Those are the most commonly used positions (song keys) for that harp. However there are others (although they range from more difficult to extremely difficult to master). Probably the most common of these others is to use it for music in the key of Db (not so common, but there are tunes in that key, of course). You then play the harp in 12th position, root notes – Db – found at -2", -5 and -9.

– Slim :sunglasses: