All Along the Watchtower

Jimi Hendrix performing All Along the Watchtower

Alex is back at it again! Check him out shredding Hendrix’ version of “All along the Watchtower”.

He’s playing a Bb harmonica in 3rd position in the key of Cm. If you’ve got a Bb harmonica and you want to play along with him, you can get the full tabs here.

Even though Bob Dylan wrote this song, the Hendrix version is the most popular. I just looked on YouTube Bob Dylan’s version has 3.7 million plays. Not too bad. But Hendrix’s version has 213 million plays! :astonished:

In fact, even Dylan himself said he feels like he’s doing a Jimi Hendrix cover song every time he plays it, even though he wrote it! :joy:

Sit back, relax and enjoy Alex Paclin’s awesome rendition of this song.