Am I crazy?

Greetings! As I am working my way through the B2B course, I’ve been surprised by (and really appreciate) just how forgiving an instrument the Harmonica is! As a classical violinist/classical guitarist, mistakes on those instruments stand out like a big red flare! But I’ve noticed with the harmonica, even wrong notes (e.g., blow instead of draw) played well and with confidence tends to still sound better than the correct notes played too timidly, or conversely too forcefully.

Am I crazy? Has anyone else noticed this? When I went back and re-played several of the Mod 2 chord riffs a little more assertively, they became much much easier and sounded a lot better! …even the mannish boy-ish riff that was kicking my butt for the last day or so.

There may actually be something to @Luke ‘s whole RELAXED, PLAYFUL, FEARLESS mindset!! :thinking: Hmmm….


Hi @pnicholas1967

You are correct about how forgiving the diatonic harp is – but that is to a large extent due to the restricted note layout of the harp. If you start learning to play a chromatic harmonica you will find it to be much less forgiving – more similar to learning to play the piano or guitar. And when you progress further with the diatonic harp and start using all of the bending possibilities, you will quickly find that there are limits to her forgiveness :wink:

But the advice to play relaxed, playful & fearless something that all players at any skill level should follow. :point_left:

– Slim :sunglasses:


Yes! Certainly makes the learning process enjoyable and productive rather than, at times, potentially frustrating.


I sure hope so!

It will certainly help you fit in with the rest of us crazies :joy:

I think you hit the nail right on the head and as @Slim says:

This for me is one of the most amazing things about the diatonic harmonica. No matter where you blow or draw (with the exception of -6 and -7 together) you are in tune!

Gotta like dat.

Craze :crazy_face: on @pnicholas1967 :tada:


Yes @pnicholas1967 that’s why it’s the EASIEST instrument to play, and yes @Slim that’s why it’s the HARDEST instrument to MASTER!!! :wink::rofl: And I’m so glad that everyone agrees RELAXED, PLAYFUL, FEARLESS not only makes the journey more FUN, but, just to be absolutely clear, it will** ACCELERATE OUR GROWTH**!!!

I’ve been focusing on really practicing relaxation into my approach to practicing music for like 12 years, and I STILL find myself tensing up when I’m working on something, ESPECIALLY when I’m working on getting a phrase faster.

I’ll be working, working, working…All of a sudden I’ll be like “whoooaaah. I’m super tense. Let me just relax.” All of a sudden everything starts flowing waaaaay better.