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This topic may have been asked but I cannot find it. Any tips on what software to load youtube into ASD? Would be grateful. The stupid part is I converted last week but cannot remember what tool / software I used. Must be getting old… :rofl:


I haven’t used ASD yet. I have a set of the new type of SONY WALKMAN headphones that have their own built in audio player. eg. you don’t blue tooth them off a device you load the audio files directly into storage on the headphones and listen. The beauty of them is you can swim in them. This makes doing laps much more enjoyable less boring. You need to convert the files as most music and audio books now are encrypted so that you can only actually play them inside the associated app. Eg ITunes, Audible, and Youtube. Even if you pay for the tunes you don’t actually own them until you find a way of converting them. This program DRmare Audio Converter seems to work really well. I can download the audio book or music, convert it then play it on my headphones or give the book to a friend. Maybe it will convert it to the necessary file type for ASD as well. It creates MP3 M4A AAC FLAC WAV M4B files from most encrypted file types. I am not into stealing music. I pay for the tunes from Apple music. I will not use Spotify. I buy the books from Audible. There is a short series documentary about how music platforms work called, THE PLAYLIST. For any techno junkies out there it makes interesting viewing. Maybe DRmare Audio Converter would work for you. It’s a monthly subscription but I think you get a month free to try it. Cant remember.


Thanks. Good idea and description. The conversion Inwould be doing is only as a hobby, so no personal gain. It’s just to get me to a mp3 version. According to the Spotify website it does no longer support conversion directly to ASD or other speed conversion software. So I would be interested in others experience.

Hello @craiginker,
with ‘Audacity’ you can actually convert any video file or any other to MP3. It works on Windows.

It’s even easier if you use the recorder function of your mobile phone. Play the video on another device and record the song on your phone/tablet.

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Hello @toogdog,
usually the harp is played in a kind of block within a song. If I like the technique and want to learn it, I don’t record the whole song, just this block.
Afterwards I listen to this technique again and again and try to play it on my harp. The whole thing several times with notes of the tabs or sheet music in my exercise book. Nicely in pencil to be able to make corrections.

Everything has the benefit of progression and it’s a very good ear workout.

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Now why didn’t I think of that :scream::rofl:. Usually the simple solutions are always the best. Thank you for your ideas, as always,


I’m sure you can use audacity as a slowdowner not sure if it’s a mobile app though.


Missed this post. Not used audacity in a long while.


Hi @Dai

I use audacity and, while it can slow down a music track, the resulting sound quality can be better with a dedicated app.

There is also the free app TimeStretch that runs in a web browser. You can upload a music track, do things to it and then save the result as a download. Web address:

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Thank you Slim,
Very enlightening. Definitely worth a go,


I’ve used Transcribe!, by Seventh String Software, for the purpose.


@Slim Cheers for the heads up on time stretcher


@craiginker sorry I missed this somehow I just wanted to chime in on one other thing about ASD.

I just recently noticed that you can bring things from photos app into ASD.

So what I’ve started doing is just taking a video on my phone of a video on the computer for some thing that I wanna learn. Sounds kind of funny, but it actually works great because then I can just capture the part that I really want to focus on.