Another feedback request

Is this Blues?

I am having a hard time with the chord structure and with the ‘What goes where’ with chords.

The playing here is rough - I normally play much cleaner than this, and I am really not seeking feedback on my playing on this track. If I did this correctly and my homebrew blues track is actually a real 12 bar blues, I will happily upload a much cleaner played track in the next few days.

Thanks for the feedback! I really like improving my playing!


Only comment I could make is timing is slightly off. Maybe practice more with backing tracks or a metronome. I thought cords transitions from one to another all sounded fine. To be clear I am absolutely no expert. I have definitely heard much worse.

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Yeah…I was playing memorized riffs I made up while staring at a chord chart. Definitely not in time😁.


Well it sounds great. I’m sure your enjoying it.


Hey @Dk360 sounds bluesy for sure! Cool riffs.

@toogdog’s advice here is spot on. You’re not keeping a steady pulse.

The secret for you to get to the next level is to strive for 80% of your practice time to be with one of the forms of rhythmic accountability I mentioned here:

It seems like you’re also asking if you’re playing is following the 12-bar blues form. From the riffs you’re playing, I can’t tell specifically what underlying harmony you’re hearing under each riff, and with the breaks in pulse it’s tough to know where in the form you are. The solution for all this is simple: JAM TRACKS.

Just search for “12-bar blues backing track in G” on YouTube and find one you like and play the riffs over that, and then you’ll know if you’re following the form or not.

Again, your riffs sound really cool. I hope these suggestions are helpful for you to take it to the next level. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the advice!