Anyone tried the Zoom A1 Four Multi Effects Pedal?

It seems like the standard G1 Four version is quite popular, and I recently stumbled on the A1 version designed for acoustic instruments – including harmonica. Nevertheless, most reviews and discussions on the internet still focus on guitar use, although there is a good discussion on YouTube about using it with violins. It comes with several effects and patches built specifically for harmonica use, though. Besides Zoom’s demo, there is one third party video that runs through the various pre-loaded harmonica patches here: [ZOOM A1 FOUR with Harmonica - YouTube]
I’d really be interested in hearing an assessment from harmonica players who are familiar with using various pedals, pre amps and cabinets. (It also includes a green bullet simulator as one of the effects)


I have a different Zoom multi-effects pedal and also 2 Cube Babys, but really I try to get the sound I want out of the microphone and not pedals. However, the Zoom demo was impressive, especially because there’s 3 different harmonica patches.


@lang good to see ya in the forum again! Yeah, this kinda thing is great if you wanna go direct into a PA and get that amplified sound, but of course as @KeefDeBluesHarpRobot said the best way to get an amplified sound is to use a harmonica mic and a tube amp.