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Just wanted to throw it out to the masses! Does anyone know of a good APP that can find the key that a song is played in?. I’ve been looking far and wide but have not come along one thus far. I’m wanting to jam along with some songs i like and find more and it would help heaps to know the key the song is played in.



I’m using an app named Song Key Finder.

It listens to a good portion of the song whilst determing the key, and when I then try to play along I find that it has been correct.

I am on a samsung though, so I don’t know if such an app exists on apple


G’Day @Vibe
Thanks for your reply, i’ll give that a go… I am also on a Samsung so that’s all sweet.

Thanks again i’ll let you know how i go!


Wonderful :slight_smile: I found it very helpful myself


G’Day @Vibe
Sorry i must be doing something wrong. I downloaded Key Finder and started to play some songs off my Spotify list"

Little Walter “My Babe” comes up as being in the key of A#

John Lee Walker “Boom Boom” key of F Major

Sonny Boy Williamson “Bye Bird Bird” key of A#

The Doors " Road House Blues" key of D# Minor

Not sure what i’m doing wrong but i’m pretty sure they are not right
I’m using the “Add Manual” putting the name of the song in and the artist, then playing the song from my list and “Scan Live”
The recording level has been above 50% on all occasions and playing for approximately 60 seconds.

Am i missing something? Any help would be appreciated thanks mate!


Hi @fallonsteve291

I tried out the songs and I got slightly different results, so I searched the songs’ keys on Google and they came up with different results as well

Boom Boom according to one website is played in F but according to another it is played in Bb

My Babe is played in F according to all sites I’ve checked

Bye bye bird doesn’t show up on any of the sites, but I saw someone play it in the key of G

Roadhouse Blues accoding to one site is played in Em and to another in A

Of course technology is not perfect, and I mainly use the key finder app for songs that doesn’t have available sheet music, so I know which to try and listen to and play in

But like I said it’s not perfect and neither is Google apparently haha

I did try the app with my G harmonica, and that it got right


G’Day Steve @fallonsteve291,

I can say for certain that Little Walter played “My Babe” in F (use, for example, your Bb harp in 2nd position). Then “Bye Bye Bird” is in A (sounds really like the original on a Low D harp played in 2nd position), John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” is in E (for example: use your harp that is in the key of A and play it in 2nd position) on the recordings that I have of him playing it.

– Slim


G’Day @Slim & @Vibe
Thanks guys for your time with this. Upon further research with this i am finding out that Sonny Boy Williamson played Bye Bye Bird in several different keys on different occasions, ranging from*LowD & “key of G” playing LowC in 2nd Position

According to you @Slim my KeyFinder got 1 out of 3 right! …33%.

Bit like my old school days!!

Thanks guy’s


Hoot!! What’s that you say? School?? %? – I don’t understand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’d recommend picking up some cheap keyboard for beginners from a garage sale or pawn shop. Once you have that, hum the note you feel to be the root note, place of greatest rest, and hunt and peck until you find that note. That’s how I do it!

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I use the “Riffstation” app which has both a free and purchase version.
I use it to display the chords of a song, of course, from which you can
determine the key of the song. The app plays the song and displays
the chords at the same time so you could easily play your harp along
with it.
k e n


Hello @annkenrob, very good! Thanks!
Best regards from Astrid

Welcome to the forum, Ken. Great to have you here! Thanks for sharing.

Rock on,

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G’Day @annkenrob
That sounds pretty handy I’ll give it a go.
I’m using KeyFinder ATM and managing with that.
Thanks for the info!

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