Are My Golden Melodies Too Out of Tune to Be Used in a Cover Band?

I remember somebody telling me a long time ago on MBH that we choose the harmonicas we play not because of what we like, but what the band members like and that they can tell if a harmonica is equal temperment tuned or not. He said that the members will tell me that my Golden Melodies are out of tune and that I have to switch to a different harp. But I don’t play the harmonicas I play to please others, but I’m wondering if this is true or not because I’m going to be playing in a rock cover band and I’m worried about what their reaction will be if they find out I play those harps.


I’ve been trying to come up with a sensible answer to this. Perhaps get in a practice session before the gig, BUT, I’ve played GMs alongside LOs for a long time. If I, or band members could tell the difference between “equal temperament” and “just intonation” it was never mentioned, good or bad. So, I’ve been recording at home with a GM comparing to a LO of the same key on both backing tracks and solo. Both sound fine to me. If your band can hear the difference, they have much more sensitive hearing than I do. There are folks on this forum who can likely offer a better answer and maybe prove me wrong, but I’m giving you my take. I like Golden Melodies but went to Lee Oskars for the readily available reed plates, but I’d play a GM at any gig without hesitation. Good luck!