Arkia overblows

Hi Luke great to read your overblow story. You may want to search Arkia signatures or origins. They are computer set up to bend and overblow. Jonah fox does a review and another well known guy on youtube usese them to practice. Might save ypu a few dollars


The Arkia harps from France are very good. Prices are (here in Germany):

Arkia Origin 94 € (currently on sale for 80 Euros)

Arkia Signature 154 € (has Hohner Crossover reeds)

To get them in the USA you must consider the time for shipping as well as postage.


Hey @jonathanwhitehouse - thank you so much for bringing these to my attention! I will definitely check them out!!

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Thanks luke great site and you are a great ambassador for learning the harmonica. I wish you and your family a great holiday weekend.


Oooh, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it John!


Have you done a review on Arkia yet…?

no i haven’t jonah fox has done one and Paul messinger i think thats his name. im not good enough to get the best out of them yet but they bend well for my ltd technique. The players
For someone of your talents should be a piece of cake. Interestingly Jason Ricci has said he doesnt play lee oskars as they dont overblow well which maybe is why you were having trouble.

. The pic is std orange comb and a blue comb which kills bacteria and makes the sound a bit less bright which i like

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