A great lesson from Ronnie Shellist on using articulation.



Right on @Dai. You may know this already, but I’m a HUGE Ronnie Shellist fan! I’ve never seen a lesson of his that I didn’t love and from which I get some awesome nugget.

Thanks for sharing this, and here’s my notes from this one:

Chords: Duh and Yuh. This is such a sexy groove. at 3:15. He’s lip blocking but it’s got a cool feel as if he was tongue blocking.

I love how he always gives shots out to my predecessor and teaching mentor JP Allen, like he does here before he goes into the “Tucka Toodle” articulations that I teach in Beginner to Boss.

I’d never heard of Yucka Tucka Tee before.

I like how he advises to breaks up articulation concepts into single note stuff versus chordal stuff as you go to practice it.

I like this dudda dudda duh exercise.

I never heard of the gentle “Luddle luh” before. Very cool. He mentions that Joe Filisko talked about it, maybe within the context of Sonny boy Williamson. Joe’s Sonny boy Williamson teaching product is on my wish list to buy and go through at some point.

Love his use of the staccato single notes in his rendition of Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” (which he mis-attributes as the Meter’s “Cissy Strut.”)

Hee ducka dee (on inhale)
Hudda (on exhale)

Single note to double stop! GREAT ONE!
Doy -4’ -4
Dadda -45 -45