Back To Get Ya harp(s)

Trying to figure out Magic Dick’s harp parts in “Back To Get Ya” (off the J. Geils Band album “Bloodshot”). The song is in C minor, but I’m at a loss about what harp (or harps) will work. I saw on another site where Bb works up until the solo, but the guy wasn’t sure what to use for the solo. Supposed to play this at a gig tomorrow night. :flushed: Not home now but need to get it figured out when I do get home…

Anyone out there have any ideas? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @edwardz

If the chord progression remains unchanged then simply continue with your Bb harp in 3rd position. You might try using an F harp in 2nd, being very careful to always hit the -3’ and not the -3. Also worth trying would be an Eb harp in 4th position or an Ab harp in 5th position. It all depends on which harps you own and which positions you can play well enough to solo with.

Use of these other harps & their various positions for the solo can result in a different “feeling” for the solo.

If the chord progression changes for the solo then none of the above will work. I do not know this song, but maybe someone else here can tell you how the chord progression looks for the solo.

Good luck!
– Slim :sunglasses:

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Sorry I didn’t get to

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