Band camp Finds and Suggestions

As it’s Bandcamp Friday (the platform waives fees 1st Friday of every month) I thought a thread of everyone’s finds and suggestions might be worthwhile. Not harmonica specific, just a place for “I liked this band, check em out”

This record was suggested by someone on one of my social media accounts and might be enjoyable for folks who like some Celtic vibes:


I’ve had that CD for over 20 (maybe over 25?) years & still enjoy it. :smiley:


Oh this is really cool! Supporting artists and stuff. I don’t normally go to bandcamp, I confess. But let’s try and get this going 1st week of each month. GREAT IDEA @Piglet!


Some harp playing available on Bandcamp.

And some less harmonica focused

Kingfish | Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (electricblues)
Iona Fyfe | Iona Fyfe (modern Scottish folk singer)

I’d love to know if anyone else has artists they can recommend on bandcamp,so feel free to throw suggestions into the thread. I’m up for anything from metal to weird electric to folk, jazz, hip hop. It’s a great way to support artists directly :slight_smile:


How about a bit of Chapman Stick? Here’s Greg Howard’s page

My particular favourite is “Water on the Moon” a nearly 60 minute solo spontaneous improvisation.