Beginner Looking For My First Harp

Hello everyone. I have a few questions. I am new to the harmonica and want to learn the basics. Now, I am legally blind and am seeking a harmonica by ear method rather than a visual method such as tab or notation. I understand that I need a diatonic ten hole harmonica in the key of C. I have seen Mr. Luke’s article and videos about the Fender Blues Deluxe budget option or a more quality option of a Lee Oscar or Special 20. Here are my newbie questions not covered in the article. I tend to seek out value, I mean long term value. As the harp ages, can it be repared or do I throw it away? Example, I bet the Fender Blues Deluxe does not offer parts. Yet, the Lee Oscar is designed to be serviced. If I as a newbie somehow damage or blowout a reed, how easy is any brand to repair by the player? No tech needed, I want to maintain the harp myself. I can see and have digital magnifiers as needed. I notice that Lee Oscar sells reed plates, covers, combs, etc. Does Hohner do this? If I bought a Special 20, can it be serviced by me or do you need tiny drill bits, tiny rivets, etc to replace a damaged reed? Next, what are the most common diatonic harp keys for music such as rock, country, and blues? In other words, over time do I need three, five, seven harps in different keys? Right now, C is all that matters. So, looking at the harp as an investment in a quality instrument, which brand offers a harp that is serviceable by the user without files, feeler gauges, drilling out tiny holes, etc? As I learn and progress from beginner to a more advanced state, a long term goal is to be able to play along with this song. Generic Blues - YouTube


As far as harps you’ll need an: A, Bflat, C, D, G, Possibly an F.

Lee Oskar, Seydel, Suzuki, are good makes for servicing. No need for reed replacement you just buy a new set of reed plates. All Three manufacturers offer replacement reed plates.