Bend-it tool

What happened to the Bend-it tool?

I have used it for over a year…I go to the website,
Then I scroll down and find the actual tool, click the microphone and I am in the tool
Tonite I cannot turn on by clicking the microphone…I can change keys and sound notes from the web, but I cannot turn on my mike…
Tonite I think I did my first overblow, and went to the bend-it tool to check, however when i scroll down, I find a you tube about the tool, but not the actual tool. Have I changed something that i did not realize or what???



Hey @Poppo i will go and check it out x

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It’s working fine my end @Poppo Are you sure your volume is up and you hit the off button to give permission to use your microphone


My system apparently quit recognizing my headset, though I was listening to music on it earlier today…I went into my sound settings and had no earphones and no microphone. I rebooted and found it worked again…

As to being able to play in a few weeks and a lifetime to master, I have said that many times. . . . I played the Accordion as a youngster, and played for probably 6 or 8 years before I became good. Took another 4 or 5 years to become proficient…I worked my butt off because my older sister was a fantastic accordionist and didn’t believe I had enough talent to be good.
After I got married, I got a job selling Wurlitzer Organs. I thought I would be able to play them with not a lot of effort, but found that it took a great deal of practice to become proficient with the left hand. I played the organ for about 35 years before back problems ended that. I learned a select few songs on the piano, but never was able to do enough with my left hand to play that instrument, except for the 4 or 5 songs that I practiced over and over and over.

Thanks for responding to my plea…I got the Bend-it tool working, but was unable to recreate the overblow…Not really surprised, because I cannot do blow bends, and, while I can do all the draw bends, I am almost totally unable to hit any of them “on the fly”. That is one of the reasons I got the Seydel NoSlider…The other reason I got that harp is because it is VERY TIGHT, and with my COPD, I don’t have any extra breath!

God Bless!


And you sir

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