Bending and the nose

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to get the technique of bending down for a while now, and I think I am making some progress, but I am not sure if it’s the right kind of progress.

As mentioned in another post I can make a short bend on hole 4, and I THINK I do this by blocking the nose in some way OR by inhaling in a way that feels like I’m “sighing” like a horse but backwards (sorry it’s a bit hard to explain) but this bend lasts for no longer than a few seconds.

Then today I tried to draw while making an “oo” sound whilst ALSO holding my nose with my fingers, and then I was able to bend for a longer period of time, and the bend was more in tune (according to the tuner I’m using) I also checked with an “ee” sound, but that did not produce a bend. The thing is though, holding your nose while playing does not look very attractive :laughing:

So my guess is that the nose has something to do with it, but how do I go about it in terms of blocking the air properly, and am I even on the right track when it comes to bending?

Hope I am making sense!

Hey Vibe - yeah you’re making sense my friend. So, bending is not a beginner technique. In my Beginner to Boss course we do like 78 lessons working on the deep relaxed mouth position, deep diaphragmatic breathing, breathing only through mouth only, and playing lots of single note melodies, before starting to work on bending.

Also, I mentioned this free lesson in another one of your posts, but, just in case you didn’t see it, I’ll post it here too:

Right on Vibe! Have fun!

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Hi Luke! I will continue to work on those things to improve my playing. I like the harmonica because it has those challenges while still being able to sound relatively good for a beginner like me

Again, thanks for the link and for the kindness :slight_smile:

Roger that, Vibe. Harmonica is the best instrument!!!
Rock on,