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Hi Luke … I saw a post by you “are you ready to get started mastering bends?” … in the post you have a devise/tool which is NOT to be found in the App store. I thought it to brilliant :muscle::muscle:… Will it be in app store … or should I be able to find it here some where …:pray:

Regards Jørgen


Hello @Jorgen_Bangild,

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Hi Astrid … and thanks for your reply​:+1: There are tons on the net with all sorts of advices on how to do … well just about anything …:blush:… The tool Luke showed was really cool. You turn on the mic; those your key harp and as you play … practice … it’ll show where you are note wise …AND the name of the note you are aming at. - Best bending tool I have seen. Regards :wave:


Ok Jørgen,
the overview I sent is also very helpful. You should save it.

I use the Harmonica tuner app and the Instrument Tuner (Pro) app on my Android phone. Pro is available in the purchase version for a one-off payment. Both in the Google Play Store and can be used without WiFi. Occasionally you should also open them online.

If you use an iPhone, someone else will have to help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hi Jørgen @Jorgen_Bangild ,

I think that you are looking for the Bend It Better tool, which you can find on your PC by using this address in your web browser:

I don’t think it is (yet) available for tablets or smart phones – only Luke @Luke can tell us if that is planned.

Otherwise, for your phone there are many tuning apps that can be used – but nothing specifically for harmonica. So follow the advice of Astrid @AstridHandbikebee63 and get the harp note layouts (all available for free online) for at least a C harp.

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This works on all my Android devices


Hey @Jorgen_Bangild welcome to the community! I see others have given you the link how to find the bend-it-better tool. Right now it’s just available as an online tool. I’d love to have it developed as an app, but haven’t really started looking into it yet.