Bending Draw Notes with Todd Parrott

I found this video on Facebook of my friend, Todd explaining bending as it relates to the first six holes on the diatonic harmonica. This is a very informative video and is full of detail. I don’t know how to describe how to explain the level of detail he goes into, but I can explain it like this. In my eyes, there are four levels of attention to details: small detail; regular detail; big detail; and Parrott detail. Each level is divided on how nuanced the explanations are and how deep the knowledge of said details go. So at one end, small detail is like looking at a painting and enjoying it at a surface level. At the other, Parrott detail is like looking at a painting and analyzing everything about it (like what shades were used to paint it, who was the artist behind the painting, studying the meaning behind the painting, etc.). I swear having Todd as my harmonica teacher feels like I’m in an Art Appreciation class where the professor loves doing their job. Now that I’ve finished raving about him, here’s the video.


Good video!