Black Rock harmonicas horn attachments- For Display, not play 😬

Please read the description on YouTube for my review and listen to my demo of all 3 horn looking attachments for harmonica.

Hey Steven - welcome to the forum and thank you for posting! So funny, man. What a trip. So hard to tell through video and computer speakers and what not, but it sounds like they’re not really changing the sound of the harmonica, correct? Kind of just a fun visual?

Also, have you tried this thing?

You are 100% correct. It doesn’t change the sound.It is cumbersome to hold and makes hand effects difficult. It looks cool though.
Yes I have tried the Wah and like it.

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Right on Steven. Thanks for showing those off. I see now you were indicating that in your title. You’ve got some chops man! Happy to have you here in the forum.
Harp on!

Thanks, Luke.
Glad to be here.

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