Bluesify your melody, can the circle be unbroken

Hi everyone, I’m currently trying to learn the song “can the circle be unbroken” with the tabs and the audio recording of the" bluesify your melody" songbook by Jon Gindick. The problem is that after the second line, I really don’t understand what he’s doing, he seems to stop following the tabs so I don’t know what to play.
The songbook is given with the “breakthrough blues” course so if anyone could check this up and help me it would be very cool.

Oh and I’m talking about the 2nd position version


@mauraulucien I’m guessing the problem you’re having is the -3".

Playing that melody starts easy: -1 2 -2 -2

But then quickly becomes harder: -3 -3" -2 -3

And then becomes even more difficult: -3 -3" -3" -2 -2 2 -1

The difficulty is the -3" whole step bend.

To work on this, check out the Bend It Better tool and work on playing the -3 which is the note name B, and bend it down a whole-step to the note name A, and then release it.

Hope that helps! Great song! :sunglasses:

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