Breakthrough blues course

Hi harmonica family. Has anyone finished Luke’s course (which I really enjoyed) and then gone onto signing up for the breakthrough blues? Just hoping to find out from anyone if it’s helping their progression? Thanks :+1:


@tess848ducati welcome to the forum, sorry for the late reply!

WOO HOO! Congrats on finishing the course. What a huge accomplishment.

A lot of people who’ve done Beginner to Boss LOVE Breakthrough Blues and say that it’s very complementary to BTB. It’s a money-back guarantee, so it’s not a big risk if you end up not liking it.

Many people say they’ve gotten A LOT more out of BTB on their SECOND or even THIRD time through the course, and that’s how I designed it - with layers in every lesson.

Here are some bluesy vids to check out if you haven’t already:

If you’re interested in tongue-blocking Chicago-style blues, David Barett’s course is great, though a bit dry.

Hope that helps!

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I own 3 courses…happy harpin, breakthrough blues, and B2B…is there a specific order that i should use for these courses? I started with happy harpin, but i think i bought breakthrough blues next and then B2B…im still working my way through B2B, i find myself going back and repeating the chapters in B2B and keep finding things make more sense the second or third time…just hope im going in the right direction…