Breathing&Bending Issues

I have trouble breathing. I run out of air too fast. I also have trouble bending (minus the -1 bend). When ever I try to bend it’s just way way way to hard. Any tips for either of these?


I feel like with your trouble with breathing in/out of the instrument, it could me that you’re breathing in and out too hard or your diaphragm (the muscle that’s slightly above your belly button) isn’t warmed up yet. With bad breathing technique, also comes with a terrible embouchre and weak bends.
What I’ve learned as a singer before warming up my voice is to warm up my body and activate my diaphragm. Because my body is also an instrument, as both vocals and wind instruments use the same air, it is important to warm it up as well. Make sure you breathe from your diaphragm, not from your lungs.
Here’s a couple breathing excercise videos that I would recommend for a beginner (even though most of them are dedicated to vocalists, but don’t be afraid to try them out):

I’d also check out Todd Parrott’s videos on Facebook for bending, embouchre, and diaphragmatic breathing (they’re on the Tomlin Harmonica Lessons page, but I can’t link the videos anymore.)