Broken reed?

Alright, my favorite custom “BlueMoon” brass harp has a problem… Was practicing bends and 4 draw reed went out. Did the usual easy steps none worked. Opened it up and the reed was sideways. I pushed it back and still no luck.

How to fix? When i plunk the reed it doesnt’ tone proper like the others…like it’s stiff or something.


Hi Eric @eric

When you say “sideways” do you mean that the reed seems to have rotated at its rivet and was pointing towards either the 5 draw or the 3 draw reed?

If so then it is best to remove the draw reed plate from the comb so that you can hold it up to the sky and check that you have correctly centered the reed in its reed slot. There should be equally wide spaces along the length of the reed between its left edge and the edge of the reed slot as well as between its right edge and the edge of the reed slot. Otherwise the reed rubs or hangs on the edge of the reed slot of the plate.

– Slim :sunglasses:


If the reed does have space all the way around (so it is not stuck) and it still feels stiff and doesn’t sound properly, then the reed is dead and needs to be replaced. You would then have to return it to Tom to replace it.