Buckeye Soul's Voice

G’day. As some will know, I’ve been looking at harmonicas with minor tuning.
I’ve come across two sellers with Buckeye Soul’s Voice harps in minor keys.
The fact that they’re labelled in the first position particularly interests me.
Obviously, the big question is, what’s the quality like?
Does anyone have experience with these?
A search shows @explorermatt has the Buckeye brand, but I can find little else about them, so I thought I’d ask.
Thanks in advance!
(If I don’t reply immediately, it’s because it’s 20 past 2 in the morning!:grin:)


I really like the Buckeye harmonicas that I own. The sound and feel are both great. Iwas planning to replace my other harps with Buckeye brand , as the old ones "blow out ". Sadley it seems the Buckeye has gone out of business. If you are finding them for sale they are probably leftover stock.


Also if you purchase some I have found Kongsheng reed plates that fit as replacement reed plates.