Campfire tabs

I used to play harmonica poorly in the car but decided to restart when my boys needed to start an instrument for school. This lets me play along with them sometimes. They also are in scouts and we do a lot of camping. I am having trouble finding tabs for some of the old campfire songs such as diarrhea, and bedbugs and mosquitoes etc. Anyone know a source for these? I see them on some guitar sites but I struggle with getting the conversion of guitar cords to the harmonica. The funnier the song the better for this crowd. If no such place exists we could start putting them into a topic here for everyone.


This probably isn’t a very helpful answer (apologies in advance) - it’s very likely the tunes you want have all gone by different names originating as folk, Irish, sea songs or whatever but without knowing what melody came from where it can be hard to put a name to. On the plus side, there almost certainly is the information but it may be hiding under a different name.

Hopefully someone here with a grasp of traditional folk music might have an idea and I do like the idea of collecting good tabs on a thread.


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@nmilender WELCOME to the forum! I love these kind of songs but don’t know the melodies precisely. I you can send me la link to the songs or some way for me to hear the melody, I’d be happy to tab it out for ya.

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