Can someone PLEASE tell me how do I stop paying for the lessons?

I can’t pay for the lessons no more, and there is no option on the site in order for me to stop doing so.

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Good question. If you commit to monthly payments do you have to finish at the full price of the course?

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I am not asking for refund. I have chosen monthly payment option. So I should be able for instance to pay for one month only and if I can’t pay no more, I should be able to unsubscribe.

Yep I have choose monthly payment option. I was paying for 4 months. How ever, as far as I understood, I should be able to unsubscribe after one month if I choose to… ( English is not my native language so I apologise if there are some mistakes & errors )

I’ve never signed up to any course on but it sounds like they make it difficult to unsubscribe. No clear directions or buttons that allow you to do so. Have looked in your account section (I take it you have) if so then you need to contact the admins for the site.


Yes they make it very dificult to unsubscribe or even to contact them through email adress. You can’t contact admins, you can’t write them an email, there is only option to check through some " database of questions " in which you can’t find any details about how to unsubscribe…


Where are the moderators when you need them to give you advice.



  1. Report your credit card “lost or stolen” and they’ll send a new one (new number). New charges to the old number should be denied

  2. Send a message to the site saying CANCEL LESSONS AND PAYMENTS EFFECTIVE _______(date). I COULD NOT FIND AN UNSUBSCRIBE LINK.

  3. Call the credit card company. Tell them you stopped the lessons and are disputing the charge(s). They’ll credit your payment(s) back and contact the vendor.

Sorry you’re dealing with an issue that seems so unnecessary. What a pain. Another problem dealing with technology, not real people.


Thank you for your advice and reply. I have manage somehow to reach the admins over the first email purchase confirmation that I have got from, after I purchased the " Beginner to Boss " course. I didn’t know if that was the valid email adress or if anyone respond. Thank God they did respond and unsubscribed me from the monthly payment for now. Thank you everyone for support & help ! Cheers !


Call your credit card company and stop payments, you may be able to be reimbursed.

Never, NEVER sign up for sheise and not check the escape clause.

:see_no_evil: Hey @tinpanalleybluesman sorry for late reply - not to worry, you can get a refund for the course. Just send just send a message to technical support here:

They are AWESOME, and they’ll get you sorted. :+1:t3: