CAUTION: Hard Drives WILL Fail! But Backblaze Saves the Day

When I was getting my Music Production degree from Berklee College of Music online, I encountered the adage:

If something digital doesn’t exist in 3 PLACES, it DOESN’T EXIST.

I’ve never experienced as many painful technical difficulties as I have since I since I started working on the Beginner to Boss course.

In the last 2 years I’ve had no less than 3 iMac computers and 4 external hard drives fail. :grimacing:

The first few failures were incredibly horrific, painful, I would even say traumatic experiences for me. Granted, I had had hard drives fail before over the years so I had “learned my lesson.” Mac has a program called Time Machine which automatically backs up everything. So I had a Time Machine backup, but then… The drive WITH the Time Machine also failed! WOW! (“Now I see why they said if it doesn’t exist in at least three places…”)

When I was going through these woes, a tech-y friend of mine told me about For like $70/year, unlimited storage offsite backup. I was like, “sign me up!” So I signed up and they have absolutely saved my butt twice over the last 6 months.

I’ve had 2 external hard drives fail (with 3TB of data on them) and when they’ve failed:

  • I paid upfront $197
  • Backblaze shipped me a drive with all my data
  • Couple weeks later sent drive back to Backblaze
  • They refunded me my $197.

So the whole situation is resolved in a matter of days, and the only out of pocket expense for me was shipping the hard drive back to Backblaze which was under $10.

I now recommend this service to everyone I talk to when this subject comes up.

If you want to sign up, you can use this link, and you and I will each get a free month of service from the referral.

Backup strategies and data management are not the sexiest subjects to geek out about, but so sadly it doesn’t become a subject important to most of us until after we’ve suffered some significant loss.


Hi @Luke are you incredibly unlucky or is the Hawaiian weather killing your gear?

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Well the Hawaiian weather is not a bad theory, but I’ve got the A/C running in my studio almost every day so it’s a fairly dehumidified, and I’m miles from the beach, so it’s not like I have salt in the air.

I WAS thinking I was UNLUCKY but then I realized I’m actually LUCKY because it’s through all that adversity that we grow and become stronger. As I like to repeat to myself whenever I find myself cussing:

If you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing**

It’s kinda annoying. But it’s true! :rofl:

Rock on,


I don’t know anything about Backblaze, but do echo your advice on back-ups (on site and off-site). I’ve had four Mac’s die on me (motherboard issues), a Windows computer HD fail and at least two external HD failures over the last 6-7 years and these are on machines that aren’t heavily used. After paying a lot of money to have someone restore data from my first HD failure I’ve learned the value in having multiple backups, including off-site. It’s not a matter of “if” you will have a failure, its a matter of “when”….it will happen. Thanks for sharing Luke!


Wow! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been through technology hell in the last few years. I guess misery loves company. :rofl: Ha!

Thanks for sharing @mmusicman98, and here’s to hoping our future is brighter. In any case, when it’s not, we’ve got backup now!

Rock on,